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I’m actually blogging.

It’s late so I should be sleeping, but I decided to revamp my blog since I’ve been neglecting it for quite some time now. I was just about to shut my computer when I started scrolling down my blog and taking a quick trip down the past few years and then I realized, I haven’t written much of anything on here in forever.

A lot has happened since my last text post. I moved out on my own with my boyfriend at the time into a shitty apartment that I loved. It was everything I ever wanted out of my first apartment as an adult: a real shit show. I remember being able to open the door, look into my apartment and just feeling such pride knowing that I was paying for all of it with my own hardwork. The lease was ending in the fall, and ironically, so did my relationship.

I’ve been a little hesitant to write anything about the break-up for a few reasons. First and foremost, it really isn’t anyones business so I never felt like it was apropriate to share the details with anyone but my close friends and family. And secondly, I really haven’t felt the need to. All in all, I learned a lot from my first serious relationship and more importantly, I grew so much from it. I’m a much happier, social, and all around stronger person now than I ever was last year. Had it not been for the year that I spent in my very toxic relationship, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate all the happiness I feel now with the people who are currently in my life.

I changed a lot after the break-up, deciding it was time to find myself again so I started doing things that made me happy. Listening to music that made me happy. Writing scripts again. Working on films. Reading good books. Developing a healthier diet. For a long time, mostly while I was broke and living on my own, I had been eating like shit which made me feel awful. I decided I wanted to feel happier, more energetic, so I decided to start working out and changing my diet. I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds since December which wasn’t ever my overall goal but I’m still very proud.

So much more has happened, like my trip to Vegas with three of the coolest chicks I know, or my 21st birthday, which I am very thankful to remember at all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write on here more than every 6 months. Okay, I have to go to bed now, because I can’t hang out with a 2 year old on 5 hours of sleep.

Excerpt from “Conversations with my Mother” (via coonnniiee)

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I think you need to fall in love with the wrong person. I think you need to fight and cry and sweat and bleed and fail. I think you need to have bad relationships and bad breakups. I think you need all of that so that when the right person and the right relationship comes along you can sigh with relief and say, “Ah yes. That is how its supposed to feel.”


why do i still have followers, i never blog

Finding the strong girl I use to be. 


just got these pictures developed off the shitty disposable camera we were passing around at our first house party for brooke’s 21st birthday! perfect summer night drinking & dancing with great friends, it doesn’t get any better than that!

I don’t remember taking any of these pictures but I do remember that it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time. Finally starting to feel like myself again.

Guys. I finally remembered my password. 

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